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idiligo: Structured online sales processes for sales:
Back office, field service and reseller organizations

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Massive time savings and increased productivity through (partial) automation

Together with its certified partner Vemaregio, Idiligo offers structured online sales processes for distributors and resellers.

Sales organizations can use intelligent, pre-produced sales scripts to guide their customers through a predefined sales process. This increases the call throughput and minimizes errors in the process almost completely. Ultimately, this also increases the conversion rate. 

With intelligent (network) scripts, providers can offer their resellers ready-to-use and predefined sales scripts free of charge. This increases control of the sales process for suppliers and conversion rates for resellers as more deals can be completed in less time. Resellers can activate an Idiligo account for free, including a general B2B sales script. 

YOUR advantages

  • Integrate complete sales and consulting processes, including content, into a structured online meeting / sales script. In this way, companies / manufacturers retain control over the product / conversation / and campaign content of their employees
  • Scripts guide the consultant and customer step by step through a results-oriented online meeting
  • Advantages of structured online meetings (general)
    • Calculable and repeatable meeting results
    • Professional & targeted customer advice
    • Time and cost savings through a faster learning curve for salespeople / consultants / employees (2 hours of time savings per customer; 80% faster contract discussions)
    • Browser-based: No software download necessary
    • Direct online contract conclusion through digital, legally secure signature
  • Advantages for manufacturers / sales:
    • Control over the sales process & content of your own employees or resellers
    • Rapid scalability and distribution of the scripts to internal sales and global resellers
  • Benefits for resellers:
    • Ready-to-use sales tool, which always contains all the latest information on products / services
    • The “perfect sales process” including content is automatically specified so that the training period for employees is extremely shortened
    • Increased completion rates through a targeted and optimized advisory process
  • Benefits for HR:
    • Standardized interview and application processes can be fully integrated into an online meeting, including content (e.g. company presentation / image video, personnel questionnaire, ...)
    • Job interviews are structured and always the same à promotes objectivity and comparability of applicants
    • Employment contracts, personnel forms, etc. can be filled out together online and, if necessary, signed by the applicant directly online
    • Automatic generation of discussion documentation


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