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The Company

Gerold Kiefer founded GEKI-Consult in 2009 and worked part-time as a sales consultant.
From 2010, Mr. Kiefer switched to full-time self-employment and founded the VeMaRegio.
Due to growth and increased liability risks in larger projects, a different form of company had to be found. That is why the VeMaRegio was converted into the VeMaRegio UG in June 2013.
As a small consulting company, today advises SMEs in the areas of sales and personnel optimization.

The staff are almost all academically trained and have at least 5 years of professional experience. In addition, there is a comprehensive network of specialists so that topics outside of the core competence can also be covered.

The person

Gerold Kiefer now has almost 30 years of professional experience. Most of the time he worked in sales.
Here he can look back on around 25 years of experience and confidently call himself an expert.

Childhood in Freiburg / Breisgau and Wiesbaden.
After graduating from high school ROA training with the Bundeswehr.
Then studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz II, (today Mainz University of Applied Sciences) with a degree in business administration (FH). Additional training as an organizational programmer.
A few years as a freelance programmer (MVS, OS / 390, COBOL, DB2, Mapper, C ++, C#).
1992 change to sales. Approximately, 2 years sales of hardware. Then about 8 years sales of software including HR software, security software and software for data centers. This was followed by activities in the area of personnel placement (ICT) and software development. The range of positions ranges from the sales representative to the member of the executive board of a medium-sized consulting company and the managing partner of a smaller (up to 25 employees) consulting company. In recent years there have been increasing orders as interim managers from the project management area. Projects in the HR environment and in SW development were successfully carried out.
Mr. Kiefer is characterized by a very customer-centered approach and has been working successfully with his for some time 4P method ©.
He is admitted as a BAfa consultant, at RKW Hessen and as a consultant to the Initiative Mittelstand and works successfully with their methods.

In his free time he likes his family, his animals, his gardens, sports, reading, good food & good drinks.

The 4P method

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B2B sales for ICT companies
Active sales support, business development, management, strategies, coaching, field support, manuals
Optimized human resources for ICT companies
Recruiting, Interviews, Personnel Selection, Onboarding, Managed Services
Training / education
Training of hard and soft skills, individually and professionally by experienced trainers 
Business Improvement
Improvement of your processes, introduction of modern methods and tools, Scrum, digitization, IoT


The price assessment is a subjective evaluation of the price by the buyer. Your result is the price judgment. In the price assessment is between inexpensiveness and the value for money distinguished. The inexpensiveness is based only on the price of the product. Preiswürdigkeitsurteile On the other hand, they are multidimensional, distinguishing between price and quality. They therefore affect the price-performance ratio of a product.